Facts and Testimonials

“In the 5 years we have had the HELP Program, we have not had a single complaint from our patients.”

Business Office Director – SE Michigan Hospital

In today’s healthcare environment, there is increasing pressure for patients to bear a greater financial burden for both hospital and outpatient services. After-insurance deductibles, co-pays, and uninsured events create patient responsibilities that can easily reach into the thousands of dollars. This has resulted in an increase in patients’ out-of-pocket expense and an increased burden on providers to offer patients creative payment alternatives. It is imperative that today’s healthcare provider work with a creative partner to offer multiple payment options to their patients, including longer term payment plans. HELP provides a superior system to manage and collect the patient portion of healthcare bills. Our system creates patient focused payment plans that are implemented while measurably improving the provider’s collection performance.
HELP Corporate History  
  • Exclusively managing patient payment programs since 1989
  • HELP Collection Rates: 89% based upon 2009 HELP Portfolio
  • Served in excess of 800,000 patients
  • Funded in excess of $1 Billion
  • Ability to operate in all 50 states
  • Headquartered in Plymouth, MI
The foundation of our programs is that they must be designed and operated with the patient’s best interest in mind. Also, HELP and its provider partners must have their goals and objectives in alignment to ensure success. Creating and operating a program that benefits all parties involved will be successful in the long term. By doing just that, HELP creates a true business partner relationship with its provider partners.