Facts and Testimonials

“Payment arrangements are growing exponentially and maintaining these arrangements are no longer cost effective.”

CFO – Central Ohio Hospital

Our HELP Patient Payment Plans are designed to be an integral part of your overall collection process. We work in concert with your current payment alternatives and business office operations.Our customized programs relieve your financing burden and the billing and collecting effort of patient payable balances. Our programs are offered to any patient identified by you as having the willingness and ability to pay, but needing additional time to do so.
Conversion Option – Management of In-house Plans
We will fully fund and assume the management of your current in-house patient payment plans. This option allows you to generate an immediate influx of cash while HELP takes over the day-to-day billing, collection and patient interaction for these plans.
Ongoing Option – Healthcare Expense Loan Program
Our fully funded, customized recourse programs are designed to allow you to offer payment plans to virtually any patient you deem qualified and leave the billing and collection effort to us. We will directly engage each patient through the decision making process.
Bill and Collect Option
We will manage any payment buckets that you choose on a fee-for-service basis. This program is designed for you to segregate certain payment buckets that do not fit into HELP’s other options. These are normally specialty or high risk accounts.