Ongoing Option – Healthcare Expense Loan Program

Our fully funded, customized recourse programs are designed to allow you to offer payment plans to virtually any patient you choose while leaving the billing, collecting, and communication efforts to us. We will communicate all payment options while directly involving each patient in their payment choice decision.

  • HELP Zero – 0.0% interest charged to the patient
  • Provider chooses the length of the 0% APR period, from 12 to 60 months
  • Provider also chooses the trailing interest rate, if any, from 5.0% to 9.5% APR
  • Full program flexibility – many customizable features
  • Patient-focused enrollment and collection practices
  • Paperless electronic enrollment process

Continuous patient involvement is the key to our high patient satisfaction. By keeping communication open with patients throughout the entire lifespan of their payment plan, we ensure that each patient receives the customer service they deserve. Combine that with our generous plan features and you will have satisfied patients that will use HELP again in the future.

Facts and Testimonials

“By partnering with an external solution provider, organizations can shift the pressure of collecting self-pay balances onto their business partners, freeing themselves to focus on accounts that are easier to collect.”

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